Into minimalism

15 ways I am already a minimalist.

1. I have no wristwatch since 2002.
2. I don’t watch (except for friend’s house) and don’t have TV since 1998.
3. I have been wearing just one pair of jeans for the last six months.
4. I keep only one book I currently read. After reading I giveaway. Excludes religious and reference books.
5. Uncluttered my house.
6. Uncluttered my office drawer.
7. No new clothes since.. I dont remember.
8. No house from today evening.
9. No RSS(Google Reader) for years. Now just a handful of subscriptions that I really read.
10.I did the same thing to twitter.
11.Deactivated Facebook for 11 months in the past. Without Facebook for two months now.
12.I have only one pair of formal shoes.
13.I have, wear no ring, no chain.
14.I read mmlist and theminimalists.
15. No car from tomorrow.
One girlfriend 🙂