Of Nula Rim and classic cameras

Minolta SRT 3036, 35mm SLR film camera

Nula Rim is our Mizo tradition of courting girls. I will ask my friend who is great at this stuff explain it for you. So one night we went on a sort of Nula Rim I will remember. Because A: I have rarely been to Nula Rim as I have been off Mizoram for long. B: I got to see really cool classic cameras.

It turned out our nula friend was a photography geek. She got two retro still film cameras – Minolta SRT 3036, 35mm SLR film camera and a TLR (Twin-lens reflex) film camera. With several rolls of film in the fridge among food – including the Mizo favorite Smoked Pork (Vawksa Rep) 🙂

TLR film camera. Do you see sunflower seeds (nihawichi) in the background?

A bit about TLR camera from Wikipedia:

A twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) is a type of camera with two objective lenses of the same focal length. One of the lenses is the photographic objective or “taking lens” (the lens that takes the picture), while the other is used for the viewfinder system, which is usually viewed from above at waist level.

Never before I have seen closely or in physical contact with such classic beauties. It is possible I forgot the girl for a while. PS: I was just accompanying a friend 🙂

5 thoughts on “Of Nula Rim and classic cameras

  1. I thought we were going to read about some hilarious Nula Rim adventure, instead we are offered a wiki description of what a TLR camera is 😛 May you go rimming many more nulas.

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