Ride to Ooty

The year was 1998. I was a young and ambitious – read Fighter pilot in the Air Force. Inspired by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department brochure I found in my guardian’s house, I told my friends my wish to speed travel through all the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. My friend and classmate Ranjit Ranjith disapprovingly replied with a smile – “For that you will need a Maruti Esteem”.

Today I’ve actually done that and beyond. Without a Maruti Esteem. I didn’t speed through them all but I have pretty much traveled the hills and beaches of South India. For instance – I’ve traveled to Ooty in four different ways. By bus from Bangalore. By the toy train from Mettupalayam. Cycling from Bandipur and most recently walking from Masinagudi. Bragging hehe:)

There pictures here are from the ride to Ooty from Bandipur with CyclingAndMore (CAM) last year.

The bike is a Schwinn Sporterra 2011 model.

The road through Mudumalai National Park.

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