Runway in the hills, Lengpui Airport

Air India Airbus 319 speeding for take off.

Lengpui Airport is the only airport we have in Mizoram. It’ about two hours(?) drive from the state capital Aizawl. We do have another aerodrome – Tuirial Airfield decommissioned since the opening of Lengpui Airport.

According to Wikipedia, it is one among the three airports in India with a table top runway. I was seven standard when the construction started. They chopped hills and filled the valleys with soil – in layman speak.

More photos, shot with Canon G11 and S90.

Kingfisher ATR 72-500 parked at Lengpui Airport. Before Kingfisher acquired Air Deccan, it was the second airline to fly to Mizoram.

Air India Airbus A319. Till 2005 Dec, Indian Airlines (before merger with AI) flew a Boeing 737-400 aircraft to Mizoram. My very first flight as well as the first to Mizoram in April/March 1999 was Boeing 737-400 IA flight.

Air India Airbus A319 taxiing to runway for takeoff.

I believe this is an ATR 72-100/200 series aircraft belonging to Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India.

Jet Airways’ ATR aircraft in the parking bay. Behind is the ATC tower. Jet was long rumored to fly to Mizoram. It didn’t happen until a few years ago.

The same Jet Airways’ ATR aircraft.

Saw this Indian Air Force (IAF) plane at Lengpui Airport last year in June. A high ranking IAF officer was visiting Mizoram to discuss with the Chief Minister the IAF’s plan to install radar in Mizoram. I read in the news later.

A close-up view of the IAF plane.

I could be wrong with the facts and figures. I will be happy to stand corrected. Please do cite the source if any. Yes I like aircrafts and airports -especially those high in the hills.

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