That one pair of jeans

Antargange, Jan 2009

Can Ben really be a minimalist? Would he blog having one pair of jeans if that is all he can afford? Minimalists are so because they can afford it. Someone who could afford only one pair of jeans wouldn’t say so publicly. Out of shame.

A friend though so after reading 15 ways I am already a minimalist.

My response: Minimalism is a choice. Minimalism is minimizing as it fits you. It is about improving the quality of life by removing those things unessential so you can focus on the those that matter. It’s about simplifying life. Rich or poor, everyone can be a minimalist in their own comfy way.

Of course my friend does have a point. I have been there. It’s a lot easier to not-have-it-can-afford-it than not-have-it-cannot-afford-it.

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