3 days in Kodai

In April I went to Kodaikanal for three days. I enjoyed a relaxing stay in a cottage rented by friends. Kodaikanal is a hill city in South India, 400 km from Bangalore. It’s modern, clean and green.

Here are some photos from the trip, lets start with the cottage.

I had a free stay here. Thanks to my friends.

The cozy living room.

I generally hate the regular tourist attractions but did visit some.

Heavily walled, fenced, fortified Green Valley View (formerly called Suicide Point)

You cannot miss the menu. Snack bar at Pillar Rocks.

Giant halwa (sweet) at the Sunday market

The boat house at Kodai lake.

Among the popular hill holiday places in Tamil Nadu, Kodai has the best lake. Cycling around the lake is very popular among tourists but I chose to walk around it. Twice!

The lake at night.