Painful walk around Bangalore part 2

Conclusion: To comfortably walk such distance – 62km in a day, without major pain and strain, some sort of training long distance walk is required. We were not tired. We were simply in a lot of pain. The only thing to enjoy is the pain both during and after the walk.


Taking cue from Al Humphreys’ walk around London M25 ring road, I hit the Bangalore’s Outer Ring road earlier this year in an attempt to walk around town. At 50km out of 62, i called it a day. It was late – 2200 hours. I was hurting a lot too.

I tried again with two friends – KD and Vani during the weekend. We started from Banaswadi signal at 0320 morning towards Marathalli. KD stopped 2.4 km before Hebal. His knee hurt. I quit at Hebal at 1830, about 9km short of the finish line. If going further, I felt I was going to be sick. Vani The Great with blisters in the feet, limping, pushed on to the finish line. As far as my book is concerned she is the first to walk around Bangalore. Well done Vani.

PS: No photos. I didn’t carry camera. I did have my phone but was in no mood to click. I just wanted to be done with it.

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