5 years in Bangalore review

I moved to Bangalore from Chennai in January 2007. On arrival I crashed at Makima’s house for a month. I am packing my bags and leaving in a month. I am camping at Kima’s place again. In my 5 years here I changed my house thrice, living with friends, with brother and then alone.

I joined the Dear Employer on January 29, 2007, my last day being this July 27th. I went through a mix of pay hike, no hike, even reduction. Overall I am 30% short of doubling my pay.

I didn’t have any serious illness. Some fever, cough. St. John’s hospital had been my go to hospital for anything. A dog bit me. I got more shots than all I’ve had before.

My weekends, mostly at home, friends’ home, in the forest or on the road. A bit of pubbing, eat out and some movies. A lot of trekking, traveling and some cycling. A few road trips and walkathons. I watched a ton of movies at home. I read way more than before – fictions and lately non-fictions. I buy from flipkart and exchange at Blossoms, Church Street.

I made a few new friends, met a bunch of like minded outdoor enthusiasts. They even gave me this awesome book. I had a minimal attendance in the Mizo community. A committee member in Bangalore Mizo Association for a year and recently a committee member in the Bangalore Mizo Christian Fellowship.

I relied on the company transportation for office commuting, few times the Volvo buses. I had a motorbike for year, a small car till last month and a hybrid bike for a short time.

I generally sleep late. Never before 12 midnight and many times as late as 0300 morning. I wake up late, often barely on time to catch the office cab.

That’s my blessed five years in Bangalore. Not too bad.

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