Roopkund Trek, the drive to Lohajung

After a flight from Bangalore to Delhi, we boarded the train to Kathgodam which lies literally at the foot of the Himalayas. From there we rode Sumos (MUV) towards Lohajung, the base camp for Roopkund Trek by India Hikes. We reached Lohajung by nightfall.

The ride to Lohajung felt like home, Mizoram. Except for the different vegetation and really tall Himalayan mountains.

Narrow Escape. Everytime I look at this photograph, I think of Aerosmith – Livin’ On The Edge.

Vehicles navigating narrow street road at Bhimtal. Aizawl is no stranger to this. Especially the bus in the photo shows a strong resemblance to Aizawl.

Looks like another landslide in waiting. Again just like home.

The road is not that all bad. In fact mostly good I would say if my memory serves me. Here’s one.

There’s my friend Samiran in the picture.

About the vegetation…

We don’t have such trees (pine?) in Mizoram.

Overall,I enjoyed the ride. Anywhere it’s hilly, I feel connected, I feel at home.

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