Unemployed, Ex-HP

By the end of tomorrow, i will be unemployed. Ex-HP. I walked in five years ago with a bunch of paper. I will walk out tomorrow with a different bunch of paper. I am just a tiny guy in the huge HP. Nobody would know i was even there. Except for a few people. HP will go on.

From next week i can sleep as long as i want. I won’t have to sit in a cubicle anymore. But there will be no more salary. The tank will no more be refilled at the end of the month.

When i joined HP, i thought there would be loads of hardware the next room at our disposal. But it turned out to be a bit complicated than that. Procurements, you know. However, there was no lack of essential necessary to succeed at my job. If there’s any reason i did not excel, it’s entirely my fault.

Truth be told, no bells and whistles. But it was peaceful, stable and ethical. What more can i ask.  I also had the coolest a manager can be.

It wasn’t  the perfect place but i have no complaint. I will be proud to call myself Ex-HP and i will recommend it any day.

Update: 20 reasons why I quit my job

11 thoughts on “Unemployed, Ex-HP

  1. Ben,

    I loved your spirit and the way you gave a perfect matter of fact picture of your pink slip at HP.

    A close friend of my son at HP in Austin is also laid off since 4 months or so.
    What is happening at HP ?

    I am sure you would be getting a good position soon.
    God never closes a door without opening other door.


  2. Natinge in ban sup sup a? Aduhi pawh a bang dawn thu a rawn blog chiah. Keipawh thla leh vel hian ka bang dawn, to join a start-up, mahse engmah ka la blog theilo a la confirm lova, investors kan hmuh hma chu 🙂

  3. I ex- company hi kei ni ho procurement a thawk chuan – sawi thui lo mai teh ang:-) All the best Ben -enjoy your time out – remember I took time out between August 2006 – September 2008 – had the best time of my life – led me to visit many places in Mizoram- took me back to Uni and then I am where I am…

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