The cost of staying, eating and moving around at Havelock in Andaman

In off season August.

I stayed at Gold Star Resort. I paid 1000 rupees for an AC room. Its not fancy but a reasonable place for the money. Or not? Because I didnt look elsewhere.

Moving around
I rented a scooter from the rental right outside the resort. 250 for 24 hours which was deducted on return from the 1000 bucks deposit. It was pay for your own fuel. 90/litre at the rental. 70 at the oil dealer. There are two oil dealers in Havelock. At least that’s what I saw.
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The art of Pressure Cooking

It’s not about the whistle. It’s about how long!

In India, especially back home in Mizoram, we use pressure cooker a lot. I have seen various methods to decide when the dish is cooked – the number of whistles, time and water vaporizing when you sprinkle water on the side surface of the cooker. From my humble cooking experience, I have found “time” to be the most reliable and economical. I don’t care if the cooker whistles or not as long as the lid is air tight.

5 minutes on full flame, another 5 on medium and 3 minutes on sim. Note: I don’t dip the finger any more to measure the amount of water. 🙂 The ratio 1(rice):2(water) always works. That is for one cup of rice, add two cups of water.
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Quick Update: Back from Andaman

I’ve just returned from a trip to Port Blair and Havelock, Andaman – one of the few places with clear ocean water in India. I spent two nights in Havelock and a night in Port Blair. I rode the ferry. I lived on a diet of fish curry and rice. I did snorkelling, glass boat ride and many more but no trekking or cycling. Pictures and more posts in the days to come. Stay tuned.