20 reasons I quit my job

Several months ago I sat down in the pantry at work, wrote these 19 bullet points, in no particular order, on why I wanted to quit my job and go on an adventure.

1. See sunrise and sunset
2. Lookup the sky at night
3. Exercise. Tired of being fat.
4. Realize the value of money
5. Realize the value you get in a corporate
6. No liability
7. No commitment
8. Know my own state
9. Explore Mizoram and North East
10. Full time adventure
11. 14 years away from home
12. Embrace what Mizoram and North East has in terms of adventure and nature
13. Simple life
14. Too much coffee at work
15. Lead a normal 9-5 life ( I worked 1130 – 2030)
16. No in-depth product knowledge
17. Repetitive work
18. Lack of inspiration, motivation
19. Doing something new, different for once in life
20. Whatever I’ve written above are maybe made up or no big deal. I will never be able to fully explain and justify to the world but I am convinced deep down I knew very well I wanted to quit. Doing bare minimum and taking the money at the end of the month didn’t feel right to me any more.

I have been unemployed for 3 weeks now. The fear of no more salary was troubling at first but it went off in a few days. Benjamin Franklin said

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I guess I have decided to pick liberty.

I often compared the cubicle to compulsory study hour in the boarding. Whether you like it or not, you got to stay put. I sat in the cubicle for 8 years. Maybe I will have to return but for now I have had enough. Back there you learned it rained in town from Twitter. I was seated far away from the window and the real world.

I started late. I finished late. Reached home late. I forgot to lookup the sky at night. I forgot to appreciate full moon. I drank too much coffee at work, enough to gain some fat from coffee alone. My lifestyle was simply unhealthy for body and soul.

It could be the best, or the worst decision I’ve ever taken. I risked it because I don’t want to ask myself 10 years from now “Why didnt i do it?”

28 thoughts on “20 reasons I quit my job

  1. Wow, I always knew office work wasn’t for me, and now I know why. I think there is too much pressure to “be normal” “do the right thing” etc etc, Sometimes the right thing to do, is in fact to do what we want, what we feel is right, and I agree, better to do something than ask yourself why you didn’t do it. Hats off to you, many wouldn’t have the courage 🙂

  2. quit a well paying job a fe years ago to go on an edventure. now am far from home, family and friends, working at a poorly paid job i love, and which i had never thought of doing. never been happier.

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  4. As the saying goes,’an artist’s heart is his head’. But for you, your head is your heart now. Follow your heart, good luck!

  5. This is what I need to read.. I wana quit my job too…!! I have been thing for the last two years..One of my friend (my classmate and my collegue) quit his job 4 months back.. went backpacking.. Leh..Ladakh.. all those places.. All alone he trekked and stay in his tent for around a month… He is happy… and its been four months he is still happy.. Everyday I give him a call to ask how is day is? His day is always good… He wants to explore North east.. I promised him I will quit my job soon and trek northeast.. I didnt see it happening.. coz I am too scared not to earn..

    Good that you quit a IT job…!! I appreciate your guts and its making me more want to quit my job too..

    • Its been two months. I have absolutely no idea how i will earn again but i havent looked back. The first few days after my last working day were the hardest. After that i guess i get used to not working and not earning:) Also no/little spending. I will hopefully hit the road next week.

      Maybe i will return to the cubicle but as a better person.

      The funny thing is some people suspect i have an awesome secret plan:)

      Does your friend blog?

      • That was wat i was going to ask you.. “When you quit, do you have a plan in mind or any alternate earning secret 🙂 ?”

        My friend is weird.. he didin’t believe in social networking.. lolz… he dont blog nor have any Fb or twitter account.. He treks a lot and he enjoyed the scenery.. he dont even believe in taking photographs on the way coz he thinks “You are wasting a time clicking pics” ..
        Looks like you are going to trek mizoram now… It would really be fun…

        Dampa Sanctury and all those areas is nice.. but its a thick forest.. I have been o those jungles during my childhood, (used to follow my uncle who is a hunting freak.. :P)..

        I wish you say “I am NOT planning to return to a cubicle” 🙂
        That would be another boost for me…

      • Your friend is right. I tweet and blog only. No Fb. I too think sometimes i spend too much time clicking. As long as he enjoys that is all that matters.

        For now not much trekking but backpacking. My goal, my ambitious goal is to set foot on every village and town in Mizoram:)

        First i will do a quick trip thru the district capitals. Then explore district wise. No strict plan, i will go with the flow.

  6. Hi Benjamin, Chanced upon this blog post of yours. Was a very nice read (not to mention, the comments from various folks too). The simplicity of the points you listed is what IMO stands out. It for each one of us to define our own life. As
    long as one feels profoundly about something, it’s important in the context of their life. It’s not about whether others endorse it as important. And finally, your will to follow up on that list, and take action, is very inspiring. Best of luck with your journey.

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