Snorkelling at Havelock, Andaman

For the first time, I did snorkelling in Havelock Island. The resort arranged for me a boat and a guide for 1200 rupees. It could be cheaper if you go in a group.

We rode this speed boat from the jetty to near the light house.

My guide in layman terms parking the boat.

Welcome to snorkelling. As a non-swimmer or semi-swimmer like myself, don’t feel shy to use a floating thing like life ring, throw ring or life jacket.

Getting the hang of it.

At first I was the one and only snorkelling.

I was secretly terrified of cruel sea monster and crocs. But soon a crowd of tourists joined us. Snorkelling, diving, just boating.

The light house powered by a solar cell.

This was my first time snorkeling, snorkelling. It was at first hard to breath in and out just by the mouth but soon I got the hang of it. So that’s snorkelling to me, something I have always wanted to do.

Come on boy, show the world you can also swim 🙂

9 thoughts on “Snorkelling at Havelock, Andaman

  1. seems fun. and the lighthouse is beautiful. one question though: did you ask your boatman to take the pic of you semi swimming/snorkelling 🙂

  2. Hey Ben! so you finally landed up in Havelock. Cool. We too were there snorkeling. Spend some more time there, it is worth it. Try Scuba diving as well.

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