The cost of staying, eating and moving around at Havelock in Andaman

In off season August.

I stayed at Gold Star Resort. I paid 1000 rupees for an AC room. Its not fancy but a reasonable place for the money. Or not? Because I didnt look elsewhere.

Moving around
I rented a scooter from the rental right outside the resort. 250 for 24 hours which was deducted on return from the 1000 bucks deposit. It was pay for your own fuel. 90/litre at the rental. 70 at the oil dealer. There are two oil dealers in Havelock. At least that’s what I saw.

I didn’t eat out. I had fish curry rice for all meals at the resort. 95 per meal. Most resorts have restaurant attached.

I saw only one wineshop. The prices are cheaper than Bangalore. A bottle of Smirnoff @400. Kingfisher premium @60. Haywards 5000 @70. I saw one resort advertising they serve chill beer with a display of their license details. It seemed most resorts don’t have license to serve booze.

The are no beach shacks like Goa, Gokarna and Varkala. So you dont get to eat and drink right on the beach. Unless of course you check into a resort with rooms very close to the beach. On such resort advertises rooms facing the beach and it’s closeness to the water.

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