The first Mizo wedding in 14 years

The last time I attended a Mizo wedding was in 1998. For 14 years Mizo wedding was hard to come by in Trichy,Chennai and Bangalore. I did attend a lot of wedding receptions. The Muslims were my favorite because of the always delicious biryani.

Day before yesterday, Helen of Lunglei and a cousin I’ve hardly met got married. We have hardly met (and her side of the family) because her grandpa got a job at Lunglei and settled down there whereas the rest of us remained in Kawrthah.

Unbeknownst to them and outside the world of Facebook here are some wedding photos I shot with my 50mm prime lens.

mizo wedding

Helen and Thlenga

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Not yet popular Muthi hill

Every time I come out to our balcony there is one scene that has my attention. I was told it is Muthi Tlang. A hill and a village by the name Muthi. And I wanted to go there. It seems so close and and not many seem to go there. Read not viral among Mizo community on Facebook. After some weeks I finally decided I should go there and invited Zualtea to come along. He readily agreed and off we went.

At the North end of the village is a playground. Besides the ground there’s a small park in the making – rest houses, paved pathways,benches and very good view points. No tea shops and vendors like elsewhere in India. We were told it is called LAD Tlang(hill).

The playground. A signpost says “Govt. Hrangbana College Sports Complex funded(if my memory serves me) by UGC”

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A quick update on life in Mizoram

I generally get up around 8 in the morning, late my Mizoram standard as opposed to early in Bangalore. Tea is served in bed. How royal 🙂 After a heavy breakfast which is more like lunch here, I either watch movies on my tiny netbook, read or watch TV all day long. At noon i read the newspaper Vanglaini unlike TOI in Bangalore. A few times, I go out to town. With poor 2G only signal (Airtel) in my locality I hardly get online. Right now I am parked at a road side where I get 3G signal. Today being Sunday evening, it is quite noisy as boys zoom past in their motorcycles. It’s 5pm as I write this, the Sun is down and it will be dark soon. That means dinner will soon be served. So I will stop here for today.

Before I leave, I would like to show you my current accommodation.
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