A quick update on life in Mizoram

I generally get up around 8 in the morning, late my Mizoram standard as opposed to early in Bangalore. Tea is served in bed. How royal 🙂 After a heavy breakfast which is more like lunch here, I either watch movies on my tiny netbook, read or watch TV all day long. At noon i read the newspaper Vanglaini unlike TOI in Bangalore. A few times, I go out to town. With poor 2G only signal (Airtel) in my locality I hardly get online. Right now I am parked at a road side where I get 3G signal. Today being Sunday evening, it is quite noisy as boys zoom past in their motorcycles. It’s 5pm as I write this, the Sun is down and it will be dark soon. That means dinner will soon be served. So I will stop here for today.

Before I leave, I would like to show you my current accommodation.

It’s not a cottage in Kodaikanal.

Nor a home stay in Wayanad. I am at home in Mizoram at Durtlang North Locality. Now that I found a secret spot not far from home to get 3G data connection, I hope to post more frequently henceforth as long as I am in town.

11 thoughts on “A quick update on life in Mizoram

  1. is it safe to travel to mizoram or stay for few days? is people of mizoram hostile to north indian, as i’m from north india, i like to give visit to this beautiful state? please reply

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