Not yet popular Muthi hill

Every time I come out to our balcony there is one scene that has my attention. I was told it is Muthi Tlang. A hill and a village by the name Muthi. And I wanted to go there. It seems so close and and not many seem to go there. Read not viral among Mizo community on Facebook. After some weeks I finally decided I should go there and invited Zualtea to come along. He readily agreed and off we went.

At the North end of the village is a playground. Besides the ground there’s a small park in the making – rest houses, paved pathways,benches and very good view points. No tea shops and vendors like elsewhere in India. We were told it is called LAD Tlang(hill).

The playground. A signpost says “Govt. Hrangbana College Sports Complex funded(if my memory serves me) by UGC”

This is the park. Nothing fancy but calm and still quiet.

Exiting the park.

A cottage by the playground.

At the South end lies the peak. It took a walk through the village to get there. As we walked through the village, we ran into kids playing some sort of a game not with marbles but some seeds or fruits. There’s a jeep road to the peak. Some distance midway is tarred – a work in progress? Abandoned? . At the peak is a small flat ground, benches and a house(for prayer) constructed by the PWD Evangelical Union. There’s another small and nameless hut with nothing inside except a fireplace.

Game kids play at Muthi.


Mizo kids,children, naupang


Football fan or just greedy? hehe

A flat open space at the center of Muthi.

Zualtea as usual was already hungry. So we bought some bananas.

The peak offers a view of the length of Aizawl town, Durtlang all the way to Selesih, Zemabawk, Beraw Tlang, Zokhawsang all the way to Tuirial.

tawngtaina tlang, muthi, mizoram

Prayer hall

You are at the prayer hill. Use this place to pray to God.

Concrete benches in the cover of grasses.

You want a great view of Aizawl East and it’s surroundings, a little hike, a place free of crowd and close by? Muthi is the place. It’s the kind of place that will draw a huge crowd in Bangalore. Perfect for a day trek.

The gates to the peak

14 thoughts on “Not yet popular Muthi hill

  1. Hmanah khan a lar deuh a, mhs a lar leh vak tohlo zok niin ka hria.

    And the peak was the takeoff point in the first (?) paragliding event in Mizoram (2-3 years back)

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  3. Pingback: My guide for a 9 days trip to Mizoram | trekkerboy

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