The first Mizo wedding in 14 years

The last time I attended a Mizo wedding was in 1998. For 14 years Mizo wedding was hard to come by in Trichy,Chennai and Bangalore. I did attend a lot of wedding receptions. The Muslims were my favorite because of the always delicious biryani.

Day before yesterday, Helen of Lunglei and a cousin I’ve hardly met got married. We have hardly met (and her side of the family) because her grandpa got a job at Lunglei and settled down there whereas the rest of us remained in Kawrthah.

Unbeknownst to them and outside the world of Facebook here are some wedding photos I shot with my 50mm prime lens.

mizo wedding

Helen and Thlenga

Formerly Helen of Lunglei

Now man and wife

Tirah meikai (daisy chain?)

The traditional photo shoot session.

11 thoughts on “The first Mizo wedding in 14 years

  1. Dan khatna hi chu a ropui a ni. Inhmeh tak an ni. Kristian chhungkua din turin ka duhsakna ka hlan e!

    Professional and wonderful shots, as always!! Btw, quote: “…at Lunglei… in Kawrthah”…. was wondering the choice of the preposition. Just saying. thanks.

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