Two Mumbaikers in Town

In front of the cafe, Beraw Tourist Complex

Today, I went to lunch with two Mumbaikers – Jatin and his wife. They are here in Aizawl on an extended travel. Their plan is to travel India for the rest of their lives and Mizoram is their first stop. How cool! I found them via their blog. They picked Mizoram for it was the farthest place in the map. In a world with full time world travelers and digital nomads, I don’t need to ask why such a lifestyle.

To socialize is not my forte. Especially with strangers. But it was pretty comfortable. After all they too quit their jobs in the corporate to pursue their wish. That makes an instant connection, at least to me.

I took them to Beraw Tourist Complex as I can’t think of any other place to eat out on Sunday in Aizawl. Besides it would be calm and quiet. Also I haven’t been there for a decade.

As anyone in a new world would be, they had their bucket full of questions none of which surprised me. On my part I really enjoyed playing the host. It was a day very well spent. I wish them a very nice stay in Aizawl.

Jatin seems to have the knack for writing. Check out his blog. After reading his account of the day, I am at lost on what to write.

At the end of the day, they bid us Mangtha (Good bye) and rode off.

PS: There are cottages and rooms for rent at Beraw Tourist Complex @400-650 INR. On Sundays the restaurant opens from noon to dusk. It is perhaps the closest getaway from Aizawl.

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