My name, my Voter ID

My voter ID had my last name abbreviated as RTZ due to which I have been unable to use it to open bank account, renew my passport. To fix this I went to the Election Branch of DC Office. I had my name cross checked with the electoral roll by the staff in the computer room and paid the fees.

When I return to collect my voter ID today, there’s still a problem. A letter missing from my last name. Rualthanzaua instead of RualthanzauVa. At the computer room I requested the staff to check it in the electoral roll again but they were reluctant. They said this is certainly the way your name is recorded in the electoral roll and no change can be made till the next update which is expected around the end of March 2013. They also told me they follow a stringent process of QA – 4 different persons check the details before printing the card. I was not fully convinced and would have felt a lot better had they opened the file and showed me.

But never mind, you can do this yourself. I went to the nearest Cyber Cafe and downloaded the electoral roll of my locality from the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram. I really looked forward to returning to the DC office with a copy of the electoral roll and prove them wrong. But they were right. The electoral roll has my name with a letter missing.

I would like to thank my senior in school Lalremruata Kullai MCS for escorting me to the election branch on my first visit.

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