Too much stuff will kill you

I tweeted “Too much stuff will kill you” not so much because I advocate the statement but because I was thinking of a play on the line “Too much love will kill you”. What followed is interesting.

I was in bed with random thoughs in my head till I though of the clothes in my cupboard which I haven’t worn for almost a year. I don’t wear them because they have become small. I kept them thinking I could use them again when I shrink.

I suddenly decided to get over them. I didnt think keeping them was a good idea anymore. I will eventually shrink again but I do not know when. Besides, I could just buy new clothes when I need it.

I got up from bed and removed all such clothes from the cupboard and tried each one to make sure they were unfit for me.

I will send them to relatives in Kawrthah who are less affordable. The motive here is not charity but the sheer realization of the pointlessness in keeping clothes you do not wear and cannot wear.

My fat is other’s gain.

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