A dusty road through Lawngtlai

Right now if you drive through Lawngtlai you would think Lawngtlai is all dusty and broken roads. It indeed is unless you explore the higher grounds.

Lets take a look.



In spite of the dust not everybody cares to cover their vehicle.


Friends I met there told me they like it there except for the water scarcity.


But where is there no water issue in the winter in Mizoram?

Lawngtlai sits opposite to Saiha on the west side of the Chhimtuipui(Kaladan) river. It is the capital of Lawngtlai district in the state of Mizoram in India as well as the headquarters of Lai Autonomous District Council. It is well connect by Sumo maxicab to Aizawl, Lunglei, Saiha and nearby towns and villages. I paid 200 each for Saiha to Lawngtlai and Lawngtlai to Lunglei by Sumo.

I spent a night at my friend Aldrin’s. He works as an Assistant at Lawngtlai SBI and lives with his wife and two kids. We met virtually way back at izawl.com (now defunct). He gave us a big help during the initial days of misual.com. His nick was ThugAngel but he is far from a thug these days. The hospitality of Aldrin and his family is in itself a complete chapter, if I am to write about it.

My host Aldrin and his kid.


In the morning my host and his SBI colleague Mamuana took me to Vengpui peak for a bird’s eye view of Lawngtlai. An elderly man spotted us and offered to show us around. He happened to be the grandson of Lawngtlai founder.


But it was pretty hazy. We couldn’t see much.


Fog in the valley.


Not many two churches in the world are this close I bet.

churches: BMC, LIKBK. Lawngtlai

So my friend that was Lawngtlai.

Accomodation: I saw a few hotels near Areopagi, the tower at the center of market. The state tourism has a lodge. In fact, I read in the news the opening of a newly constructed tourist lodge.


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