One Saturday morning at Tuipang L


I spent a night at Tuipang L(Lalveng) in Mizoram South, a 3 hours drive from Saiha. A bit about Tuipang. There two parts. Tuipang L with about a hundred houses is the lesser inhabited and the original settlement. But today Tuipang Vaiveng where NH 54 terminates is the bigger and more developed part of Tuipang. A dirt road detour at the outskirt of Vaiveng leads to Tuipang L.


I leisurely got up from bed after 7 when the Sun is up bright and warm. Rorela, the eldest son of our host took us on a stroll through the village.

A man next door was having his hair cut.


We ran into this little girl returning or borrowing this giant thing – a jumbo thlangra?


A woman at work sifting rice by a side-to-side motion, something we call buhthlei in Mizo.


Boys fetching water.


Others just relaxing.


The government elementary school where our host works.


A lone boy walked through the calm and clean street.


This used to be the wheel rim of a truck but right now it’s a church bell. Ting ting ting…


The work-horses of the village perhaps.


Dew drops, web?


I saw an old style TV antenna,


as well as several modern day DTH disks.


So my friend, this is life on a Saturday morning in a remote village in Mizoram.

In case you wish to follow my foot steps 🙂
There is a Sumo maxicab as well as bus service from Saiha to Tuipang. You can stay at the tourist Lodge at Tuipang Vaiveng.

4 thoughts on “One Saturday morning at Tuipang L

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