Dirt road, Serkawr and Kawlchaw

After a night halt at Tuipang Lalveng the plan was to ride back to Vaiveng, explore and head back to Saiha. However, there was another way. A 20 km dirt road to Kawlchaw via Serkawr. It sounded really cool. A dirt road ride and another way home. I’ve always dreamed of riding a motorbike through muddy road. We asked the condition of the road and all advised against it. It’s funny we asked because in my head I knew we were doing it anyway.

And so we went. It was an adventure dream come true.

Bye bye Tuipang


This is so fun and cool. I totally loved it. After all we weren’t time bound. As long as we got home by the end of the day safe and sound, we had nothing to worry.


My nephew and pillion rider got off thrice and snapped these photos.



In spite of the slow progress Serkawr appeared in no time. Slow and steady, we’ve come half way.


We made a short detour to the Missionary bungalow.


The short story about this bungalow is that Pi Violet Lorrain Foxall the daughter of a missionary back back in the day married a local Mara man Pu Mark and they continue to live here. You can read the complete story here.


For some reason, we just took pictures and left. The streets were deserted for the most part which isn’t surprising for a small village.




Actually, there was more of Serkawr than we thought.


The road to Kawlchaw from Serkawr was much better. Smoothly paved gravel. It’s a complete downhill to Kaladan bridge, Kawlchaw East from Serkawr. To save fuel, we freewheeled with the engine off all the way to the Kawlchaw.


By that time we praised ourselves for the decision we had taken and spoke of what we would miss had we gone the other way.

At the river in Kawlchaw under the Kaladan bridge, there was a group of students, eople washing cars and bus, men fetching water into a truck. Others just hanging out and having fun.





I really liked this too.


From here it was a smooth ride to Saiha. Without the fun and thrill of riding in the mud.

9 thoughts on “Dirt road, Serkawr and Kawlchaw

  1. Mizo channel ka en khat teh reng nen, nizan chu he missionary in hi a documentary an rawn broadcast a, tlawh ve ka chak khawp mai. A man hla hmel.

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