Now that I’ve been through Hmuifang and Sialsuk in Mizoram twice, this vision does make a lot of sense. One could spend days even weeks wandering,exploring.


Hmuifang hill is about 5000ft high above mean sea level. The hill range runs north to south and most of the western side is almost vertical and could be quite challenging for adventure tourists for Rock climbing.

One can reach Aizawl by daily flight from Kolkata/Guwahati and take three hours drive from Aizawl airport to Hmuifang Resort. One can either stay in the cottages or make shift tent available for hire.

Activity’s suggested:
1. Mountain Biking: Rent Bike from the Tourist Resort and follow any of the following Trails
a) Trail One:Biking to the hill top and Hmuifang/Chawilung /Sumsuih/Thiak village for amateurr
b) Trail Baktawng 6 hours biking required and on the way visit Mr Zion’s families who is having more than 50 wives

c) Trail Sialsuk : 8 hours Biking. First stop @ Sialsuk town and goto Ngei-ngei-tlang Romantic Spot and further down to River Changte…

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