On my first trip to Alleppey, Kerala

It was April 2008. Then, I was a young man, armed with just a phone camera as will be evident from the quality of the photos. I had a Sony Ericsson K550 which cost 14,000 rupees, an amount that can buy a decent Android phone today.

benjamin rualthanzauva

The purpose of the visit was to attend the engagement of a friend’s friend. Here’s the bride dressed for the occasion.


The engagement happened at the church, conducted in the local language Malayalam and was rather short. After the function lime juice was served, to cool down the great heat of Kerala.


This was followed by an awesome lunch. Kerala fat rice, kerala beef fry and that jazz. I can still feel it. We had the rest of the afternoon and the next morning to ourselves. We went sight seeing and boating in the great canals of Alleppy.

We took a ferry ride for fun. This is the ferry docking at Kumarakom boat jetty.


We stopped by a toddy(palm wine) shop.


Got ourselves loads of toddy. I can almost smell it!


And snacks too. Fish, prawns, tapioca. My mouth’s watering!


The menu. What would you like to have today?


After all the fun we took a bus to Kochi and boarded a train back to Bangalore.

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