How to spend a day at Lunglei in 2013


It was here at Nghasih river that the baptism of the first Mizo believers by the pioneer missionaries took place in 20th January, 1904.

First of all there is nothing 2013 about this post. Everything I am going to write could have been done in 2012 or the years before.

In Mizoram, almost everybody has the same complain about almost every place. That common complain is “Nothing to do”. My goal here to beat that myth starting with Lunglei.

I went on my first trip to Lunglei, the second capital of Mizoram last year in December. Even before I could post photographs and write about the trip I found myself back to Lunglei in between Christmas and New year with friends. That gave me the chance to go places I did not on my first trip.

I am going to take you to “Lunglei”, the stone bridge which is the birthplace of Lunglei. To Nghasih the Chitelui of Lunglei, to Serkawn the Durtlang of Lunglei and finally to Theiriat tlang, a hilltop on the South end of the town with a mini forest of fir trees.

About an hour walk down the valley to the East of Lunglei town is a stream called Ngasih. On the way to Ngasih after a small detour is Lungleh or Lunglei, a naturally formed rock bridge over a ravine.

At the time of my visit, the rock bridge is almost overgrown by vegetation and it hardly resembled a bridge from behind the lens.


If you stand on top of it, the only sound you can hear is that of the water flowing underneath. This pillar by the Art and Culture Department has a brief history in Mizo, how the town was named after this structure.


Went went into the ravine about two dozen feet downstream from the bridge. We found clear water pool, tiny streams and garbage.




My friends Makima and Ela shrinking their belly as they strike a pose.


According to this photo taken on Feb 21, 2010 it seems the water run dry later in the winter until the arrival monsoon.

Going back the same way we turned left at a junction which led us to Nghasih, a tiny stream that eventually flows into Tlawng which is the longest river in Mizoram.


My cousin crossing the stream.


The water is extremely clear and cold.


Sitting by the riverside we enjoyed a cup of tea and sandwiches we packed from Classic Restaurant which happens to be owned by Bethsy Lalrinsangi the singer’s mom. As we were not the only tourists but the only souls around, we had the entire place to ourselves.


If you go further downstream, I heard the pool is bigger and deeper. Perhaps you may do some fishing or swimming.

The first time me and my cousin walked all the way down and back. The second time we drove up to the rock bridge and halfway to Nghasih in a WagonR.

If you do come this way pat yourself on the back. Every other person I met in Lunglei haven’t been here.

I said I was going to take you to Serkawn and Theiriat Tlang but I am afraid I am going to have to do that another day. And because Nghasih can take your entire day. And of course there is Kawmzawl, where everyone in Lunglei was at on Christmas evening 🙂

One thought on “How to spend a day at Lunglei in 2013

  1. Nghasih hi Chite ai chuan a mawi deuh in, Serkawn hi Durtlang ai chuan a mawi deuh chuan ka hria ka hmuh danah chuan. Other than that great entry.

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