Travel photographs from the 90’s

Lets start with this, a picture of myself at Umiam Lake (Barapani) resort, Shillong in Dec 1995. With my very first boots and very first real jeans, bell bottom. I had had jeans pant before but they were kids jeans pant. I really liked my dress but felt a little uncomfortable at that time because I felt like I acted beyond my age- inti tlangval!


Next is with friends from Mount Carmel School, Aizawl at Hotel Alice Villa in Darjeeling in Aug 1997. It was a class tour and my second travel outside the state. We were in this very room watching the news on TV as Princess Diana’s death was announced.


In the picture besides myself are Sangtea, Zotea, Danny and someone behind whom I believe is Jimmy. We showed off in the photo our new purchases from a quick trip to Pashupati, Nepal.

On my first trip to Champhai and my first and only participation in a Science Exhibition representing my high school.


Visible in the picture: Ricky, myself and Martin.

With my class, class of 1997 at Tenzing Sherpa Memorial, Darjeeing.


This one is not so travel and from the late 80’s. Myself with Sailopari and her brother Lalkrawsthanga, one fine evening at my native place Kawrthah.


Lastly, a single photograph of me in 11th Standard. Look at my pants, how loose 🙂 That time when I wanted to grow and groom my hair like Jack Dawson from the Titanic.


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