Apple of my eye

Next time I find myself in a mist like this and a girl is around, this is what I am going to do. I totally loved it.

Morgan Rana Photography

There was a fantastic mist today, driving towards the Valley we planned to visit, there was maybe 25 yards of visibility. I’m glad I wasn’t driving, although I was the one who was going to be photographed. One of my ambitions to develop as a photographer, was to become the subject and learn how it feels when somebody is pointing a camera at you for hours on end.

Luckily, the person holding the camera was my husband (and shooting partner) so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Now I know how the lovely ladies feel when I’m photographing them. Of course, I couldn’t not take any photos myself and the woods we stumbled upon were fantastic. The apple represents another of my goals for this year, although this one’s a little small…

2013-01-06_002013-01-06_0012013-01-06_0022013-01-06_0032013-01-06_003b2013-01-06_003d2013-01-06_003e2013-01-06_004a2013-01-06_004b2013-01-06_004d2013-01-06_004e2013-01-06_005a2013-01-06_005b2013-01-06_005d2013-01-06_005d12013-01-06_005e2013-01-06_005g2013-01-06_005h2013-01-06_005i2013-01-06_005k2013-01-06_005l2013-01-06_005s2013-01-06_0062013-01-06_0072013-01-06_007a2013-01-06_0082013-01-06_0122013-01-06_0432013-01-06_0092013-01-06_0112013-01-06_0102013-01-06_0442013-01-06_0162013-01-06_0142013-01-06_0132013-01-06_051a2013-01-06_0512013-01-06_0492013-01-06_0452013-01-06_0482013-01-06_0532013-01-06_052a2013-01-06_0522013-01-06_0562013-01-06_0552013-01-06_0632013-01-06_0622013-01-06_0592013-01-06_0582013-01-06_0572013-01-06_0702013-01-06_0692013-01-06_0662013-01-06_0652013-01-06_0642013-01-06_0462013-01-06_00712013-01-06_0722013-01-06_0732013-01-06_075All images © Morgan Wiltshire Photography

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