Tuirihiau, the waterfall you can look from behind


How many waterfalls can you look from behind? The one in Anaconda movie, secret entrance to Batcave and Tuirihiau at Thenzawl, Mizoram.

On the way to Lunglei, a few minutes drive after Thenzawl, Tuirihiau is a beautiful, until recently never heard of waterfall in Mizoram. It is upstream of Vantawng falls which is the highest in Mizoram and just 24 meters shorter than Jog falls in Karnataka.

Thenzawl is about 3 hours drive from Aizawl. Going to towards Lunglei, Thenzawl town ends at the Vety Farm. Drive for a little while you will reach the detour to Vantawng falls. A few turns after this comes Chawngchilhi Puk (Cave). After a few more minutes you will see a signpost marking the path to Tuirihiau. It is a one minute walk from the road.


I’ve never heard of it until a year ago. The new World Bank road to Lunglei came into being a few years ago bringing more travelers on this route who started posting pictures online.


It may not be only waterfall of it’s kind in the world but how many waterfalls can you see from behind? I know none other than the one in Anaconda (1997) movie and the secret entrance to Batcave.


The uniqueness of Turihiau is that it caves in behind the fall like an arc. A cave with a waterfall!


I would like to come here for a picnic. Pack some food or cook something on the spot. There’s a pool to bath though the water is from from clear on both my visits. However, my request to picnickers is to take good care of your garbage, it’s already gathering some.


It is quite possible it would be just you and the pretty fall, one on one having a great time. If this was in South India, there would be a 100’s everyday and double that on weekends and holidays.


I have been here twice in a month already and I am definitely going back. If you would like share it with your friends, I have created a photo strip.

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