Kawmzawl, hangout place in Lunglei


They said everyone was here in the evening on Christmas day.

Welcome to Kawmzawl. The hangout place in Pukpui, Lunglei. There are no pubs, no clubs, no bars. There is nothing and that’s the beauty of it, where you could just sit, walk around for a quality time with friends.


In the absence of malls and modern entertainment, in Mizoram the youths resort to the purest form of entertainment- outdoor hangout. I am told Kawmzawl is the place in Lunglei on weekends and festive times.

Unlike we thought, Kawmzawl is a cluster of flat open spaces. We imaged it would be one large flat ground with grass growing all over. When we landed at Kawmzawl we were very puzzled. We asked ourselves where and which exactly is Kawmzawl. It’s like the misconception of Goa as a single place.

The Helicopter service from Aizawl lands here but there are plans to move this to another helipad at the Southern end of the town. There had been news in the past of a plan to develop Kawmzawl into an airport where Donier 228, a small 18 seater plane can land.


Please do not pass your judgement on Kawmzawl from the photos here. They don’t show the real picture. We arrived very late before sunset just missing the magic moments for photography. So I didn’t take much pictures.

We watched the moon rising. Drank some zawlaidi and decided to call it a day.


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