Sialsuk tlang, the hill to make out

Ngei ngei tlang, Hmunchung tlang, Sialsuk
Hmunchung Tlang infamously also known as Ngei Ngei Tlang at Sialsuk, Mizoram

You find yourself walking up a romantic hill with your sweetheart. You hold her hand as she talks all along. It’s just nature and the two of you. The moment is so inviting and literally asking for it, you start making out.

In the absence of cinemas and malls, where do youths go dating in rural Mizoram? The outdoor.

ngei ngei tlang, sialsuk

This is one such place known for dating and making out. Unofficially called “Ngei Ngei Tlang” for this reason, much to the dislike of the villagers at Sialsuk. Zara has a blog post on this topic. Zara and his fellow Sialsuk residents prefer to call the romantic hill by it’s rightful name “Hmunchung Tlang”. I respect their sentiment.

“Ngei Ngei Tlang” suggests “The love making hill”.

Sialsuk comes after Hmuifang as you drive from Aizawl towards Thenzawl, Lunglei. It’s about 2 hours journey on a conservative estimate. The World Bank road passes below the main settlement. You have to take a detour up the main village and further to the hill. But it’s worth it.

You can park your vehicle near the PWD Bungalow, which was built during the British Raj.


From here you can walk.

hiking to sialsuk

Or drive.

sialsuk, mizoram

Unless you are running short of time, I recommend you walk. We drove because we were in a hurry. Unless you have a swanky sedan, any small car will do. You have a Hummer, even better. How many’s WagonR’s have come here?

ngei ngei tlang, sialsuk

As you climb, you will find one hill after the other.


There is a petty shop near the PWD Inspection Bungalow. This are no shops beyond this. If you are the kind who cannot live with munching something every other hour, pack yourself a snack from here.

The current village spreads out on the slopes below but the old village was up on the hill marked by a series of old tombstones.

sialsuk khaw hlui, sialsuk old village

From the writings, the graveyards are as old as 1930.


It is possible you are on your way to towards Lunglei or Aizawl. If you don’t have sufficient time to spend, I suggest to stop at the tombstones and not go all the way up where there is a small rest house. The view isn’t that WOW from there.

Sialsuk Tlang, Mizoram

It turns out there is more in Sialsuk. There’s Batling Tlang, Darkhuma Prayer Cave and many more. Enough places to explore for a whole day or more. Zara’s blog has the details in Mizo and this in English.

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