My guide to Mizoram, a sample itinerary for a 9 days trip

This is just a sample itinerary for 9 days, five workings days and both the weekends. I sent it to friends from Bangalore. I was just describing Mizoram to them and they bought it.

Day 1 Arrival at Aizawl: There are daily flights to Aizawl from Kolkata. Book your flight from Bangalore or wherever you stay accordingly.

Air India Airbus 319 speeding for take off.

The airport is 40kms from Aizawl. I haven’t taken a taxi but I heard the rate is about 1000 rupees to Aizawl. If you are in a group of more than 4, lookout for a Sumo. You can book a room at Tourist Lodge Chaltlang. It looks like even the dormitory is quite comfortable.

Day 2 Go sightseeing in Aizawl: Or roam around my neighborhood – KV Paradise, Durtlang Hills etc. There is enough to do for a day. We could go to Muthi Hills and repeat this A day at Durtlang & Selesih.


The gates to the peak, muthi

Day 3,4 Reiek: This is an hour drive from Aizawl and it must be the Nandi Hills, the Kalwarbetta of Aizawl. Everybody comes here. Of course it way more scenic and pristine than Nandi hills or Kalwarbetta. I haven’t been here party due to the closeness from Aizawl. The “I can come here anytime” attitude, you know.

You can stay at the Government run tourist lodge. Hike up to Reiek hill. At Ailawng the neighbouring village, you can do caving at Khuangchera Puk, a 162m long cave named after a Mizo warrior Khuangchera.

As I haven’t been to Reiek I am going to have Anand from Kolkata describe Reiek for you.

Day 5 Hmuifang: Hmuifang is small village at the edge of a cliff with a wow view. There’s a hill you can climb, a beautiful tourist resort to stay and lots of trails to explore.

hmuifang tlang, cliff, kham

Hmuifang Resort, Mizoram

I have been to Hmuifang twice but briefly last month.

Day 6 Sialsuk: This is less than an hour drive from from Hmuifang. You may come back to Hmuifang or proceed to Thenzawl for night stay. I have a write-up here.

Sialsuk Tlang, Mizoram

Day 7 Thenzawl: Midway to Lunglei from Aizawl, 2-3 hours drive. This is the basecamp for visiting Vantawng Khawhthla, the highest waterfall in Mizoram and only a few meters shorter than Jog falls in Karnataka. After spending sometime at Vantawng, come back to main road and come here for a picnic: Tuirihiau, the waterfall you can look from behind.

Day 8 Return to Aizawl


Day 9 Leave Aizawl, with lots of awesome memories.

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