Durtlang is a really cool place right now

Our house, Durtlang North (Vengthar), Mizoram

I live in Durtlang North (formerly Vengthar), Mizoram. At a little higher elevation as compared to the capital Aizawl, it is a very very cool place to be right now with temperatures at the lower single digit numbers with abundant amount of wind chill.

I was of the impression our house(above) was the only beautiful house around. But I found there are others too. Look at this.

Our house, Durtlang North (Vengthar), Mizoram

Another one under construction. If painted with matching colors, it is going to look very cozy.


Just before our house this dirt road goes up the hill.

Dirt road leading to MPRO office, Durtlang, Aizawl

I have never gone up there for years. So I decided to hike up the road one evening. What I found is an amazing view and immediately resolved to come here more often. These are the views.


A quick hike up the hill, Durtlang Vengthar

Further up the pathway, into the woods.

Empty road, Durtlang, Mizoram

pathway, durtlang, mizoram

woods, durtlang, mizoram

At the top of the hill there are buildings and towers belonging to the MPRO, Mizoram Police Radio Operator. Apparently they don’t do active operation but training in this camp.

Towers and Antennas, MPRO, Durtlang, Mizoram

MPRO, Durtlang Vengthar

MPRO tlang, Durtlang

mpro office, durtlang

mpro office, durtlang

I returned by descending down this stairway to the road. We have lots of them in Mizoram.

stairway, mizoram

Living on the edge.

A tiny house on the cliff, Durtlang, Mizoram

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