Pit stop at Hmuifang


Hmuifang is a hill resort in Mizoram. It shot to fame with the opening of the World Bank road to Lunglei. It is at a height of 1466m above sea level. The road runs along the edge of the Oh my God what a cliff! There’s a beautiful Government run resort. An old windmill, reportedly the only one in Mizoram and more than a hundred years old in Hmuifang is a beautiful landmark giving Hmuifang the old town feel.There’s a hill to climb. At the hill top is a giant cross marking the 100 years of the Gospel in Mizoram. From there it slopes towards the east which looks like a great place for a day hike.

There may not be many things to do at Hmuifang but it could be your basecamp for several destinations nearby. Pu Duhsaka, a high ranking official from Mizoram PWD has an interesting list of trails.

I haven’t spent much time at Hmuifang but stopped twice briefly on our return journey to Aizawl. For now, I have a bunch of pictures for you. Hope you like them.





Here’s a photograph showing the windmill before and after the World Bank road.

hmuifang windmill, before and after

The 2008 photo was captured by a friend of mine, Seikhuma (IITM), one of the Engineers who built the World Bank road. Check out more photos of Hmuifang captured in the pre-World Bank road by Seikhuma and Zara.

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