Theiriat tlang photo gallery

Theiriat tlang is a beautiful hill in Lunglei, Mizoram. You can see the entire town of Lunglei from the top, except the west side. In the cover of trees, you could just sit, relax and lie down for hours doing nothing. It’s that quiet and peaceful. My friends expressed their desire to spend the whole day here.

I am really running short of time as I am traveling tomorrow. So I will just leave it here with a two dozen photographs for you. I have scheduled daily photo for about three weeks so there is something new everyday during my travel. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will be back with tons of photographs from the unseen part of Mizoram.

2 thoughts on “Theiriat tlang photo gallery

  1. Theriat tlang khi a nuam asin, tawngtaina tlang an tih te kha i han thleng em ?? Lunglei hi a part dang te rawn dah ve la, i dah tlem eee, kan khua hi ka chhuang a nia 🙂

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