Forest fire near home

forest fire, durtlang north, mizoram

If there is one thing that puts us Mizoram in the league of countries like US and Australia, it is forest fire. Forest fire is rampant in Mizoram during this time of the year.

Forest fire broke out at the uphill outskirt of our locality on Sunday night. When I arrived at the scene there were already a handful of volunteers. The task was to contain the fire and keep it from coming inwards into us.

There was no immediate danger to human settlement but it looks like some crops might be ravaged as the fire receded down the cliff and into the valley of farms.

I knew this was a great photo opportunity. I was very tempted to take my tripod but that’s far from the right way to fight fire. I managed some shots of the blazing fire. I also took some shots of the aftermath yesterday. The fire was still on going but far away.
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Ferry crossing at Darzo Kai, Tuipui D

The ferry crossing over the Chhimtuipui river at Darzo Kai aka Tuipui D is magnificent because… it is magnificent. I have no words. Look at the pictures. The photographs don’t lie.

It is one of the few ferry crossings left in Mizoram. Phawngpui visitors, this is on your way if you are traveling to Sangau from Aizawl.

The ferry is operated by Border Roads Organisation. It functions between 9am to 4am, Monday to Saturday. It is closed for about three months in monsoon during which the only other crossing is at Kawlchaw where a bridge was opened in 2000.

The ferry can take four Tata Sumos at a time. The engine of the ferry is rather strange looking. I just see one lever.

darzo kai, tuipui d

darzo kai, tuipui d
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A laptop from Bill Gates

Lets take a break from travel today.

It was the year 1999. Bill Gates was the world’s richest man. I was a young man with big ambition. I had just got the hang of computer programming. I really loved it but I had no means to buy a PC. I came up with a great idea.

Write to Bill Gates. Perhaps he will understand my plight, be charitable and send me one. I never got to write to Bill. I had not learned to use the internet and I didn’t know the postal address of Gates. I wrote to NIIT center in Tab Complex, Trichy. They never replied.

I felt really embarrassed when I learned my friend Harris Ahamed told his father of my awesome plan.

I never got to own a PC until I started working. Do you have a similar experience to share?

The toilet is not too bad anymore in rural Mizoram

In the past city folk had an issue traveling rural areas. The problem was the basic style of pit latrine without a commode. Many simply can’t do it.

Imagine hearing the sound of every drop into the pool of shit and the aroma arising from below. It’s even worse when tank is nearing full, a high tide of shit. Thankfully there were no cellphones in those days. It would be the last place you want to drop your phone.

pit-latrine, mizopa ekin 2.0

But today the situation has improved.
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