The life of the man, my host at Thenzawl

This is the story of a man who lives alone with his dog


in this house.

thenzawl doctor quarter

In this Government quarter evidently built by a contractor with no love.

thenzawl doctor residence

The man generally wakes up late around 9am and treats himself to a bowl of cereal and milk. Because that is all he knows when it comes to cooking.


This is the man’s very neat kitchen. Though he hardly cooks he has everything.



Yes everything.


This is the man’s spacious living room which is so peaceful you could just lie down idling for half the day. There is no other sound except for the singing of birds.


Where the man works.

This is the mans car. I took it for a ride to places the man nor the car has never been before.

The man’s guitar. I didn’t hear him play and sing because he’s always on the phone with his girl!


The man’s bedroom. Overall he is a tidy man.

The man’s faith.

jesus, cross

The man’s football team.


The man’s pens.


The man is not much of a cyclist as you will see.


The man at work.



The man’s books.


The man goes to his private clinic at 1500 till 1700. Then he enjoys the company of his local friends at a shop sitting around the charcoal heater.


By dusk he is back home.

This is the man.

dr christopher l hmar

I thank the man for hosting me for 5 long days. When in a stranger’s town, it really pays to know the man.

7 thoughts on “The life of the man, my host at Thenzawl

  1. Ka rin aiin a Quarter pawh a bal lo, DAKTOR a ni bawk a, Nupui neih pawh a cho hmel tawh khawp mai, a Ui chhuan em em erawh khi chuan Pixie a tluk lo tih ka hrechiang mai 🙂

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