Farpâk, Phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

The word Phawngpui is derived from the Lai word Phongpi meaning Phulpui in Mizo which means grassland in English. There are a couple of almost level grasslands in Phawngpui area, one of them being Farpâk, a wide open space with an area of 253 sqr. meters. It is pronounced like “far park” without the r in park. Farpâk in Lai langauge means single pine tree. There is a story behind it. My guide Pu Chhanuka told and probably told Roshni too. Thankfully she already has it in English so I am going to shamelessly quote her.

Once a upon a time there lived a King of the ghosts called Sangau close to Phawngpui Tlang (Blue Mountain). Across a few hills, in Cheriang lived another king. The King of Ghosts had a worthy son and the King of Cherian a lovely daughter and they were soon married to each other. The marriage witnessed the exchange of some splendid gifts and the most prided among them were – the gift of a Pine Tree from the bride’s home and a pair of Hollock Gibbons from the King of Ghosts to the forests of Cherian.The area where the lone pine stood is called Farpak (single Pine) and today it has multiplied to a plenty while the Hollocks that roam the forests of Cheriang are the original gift of Sangau – they sadly did not breed. Thats one of the stories associated with the highest peak in Mizoram- Blue Mountain.

Thank you Roshni.

The Forest department has constructed a new rest house here. The old one at the hill stood still left to fall on it’s own in time. Farpâk is flanked by cliffs on the east. Earlier the edged of the cliff was fenced throughout but today there’s very little left of the fencing. The steel pipes used had been vandalized and stolen big time. You will also find park benches without which I would be happier. Come on! this is a national park and let nature rule through and through.

Camping is not allowed inside the park as most national parks. However, if you contact the Forest Staff at Sangau they might let you stay at the rest house.

Farpâk is 14km away from Sangau and it is connected by a jeep road.

Want to come here? Read my guide.

Forest rest house. Farpak, Phawngpui

 Farpak, Phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

farpak, phawngpui

I took this photos from the guide. Photos of Farpâk after it was burned down by forest fire in 2006 (as per the EXIF data).

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