The journey so far

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

Last year I went home in August with a plan to hit the road as soon as possible. Instead I sat at home for more than two months without traveling anywhere. The reasons- family pressure and their concern of the incessant rain. I finally hit the road in late November only.
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I would like to thank my hosts

Pu ZT Malsawma and Pi Lalparmawii, Vawmbuk

Pu ZT Malsawma and Pi Lalparmawii, Vawmbuk

Pu Malsawma and Pi Lalparmawii at Vawmkbuk, for the comfortable bed, hospitality and courtesy. When I woke up early morning, Pu Malsawma was already at work. They seem very hard working and successful as well. They have a gigantic building under construction and their kids are attending college in Shillong.

After trekking to the peak of Phawngpui, we climbed down to Vawmbuk village. My guide suggested (and I am very glad he did) to stay at their house, they being related, instead of the tourist lodge.
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Castle of Beino, a geological marvel in Mizoram

Saphaw, the castle of beino, chhimtuipui, kaladan, kolodyne

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When you can’t explain, you blame the forces of nature.

Welcome to Saphaw, the Castle of Beino. Beino, Bieno Boinu, Tuipui, Kolodyne, Kaladan, Chhimtuipui- Lasi Lalnu, The River Queen of Spirits. And Saphaw is her Castle.

It’s a geological marvel. A Nat Geo Material. A mind blowing experience. The craftsmanship of nature. My heart will go on. Continue reading

The state of tourism in Mizoram


After landing in Mizo land & taking the ILP (Inner line permit), we started looking for a tourism kiosk or information center. No one even understood what information center or a tourism kiosk was.

Wrote Anand Chandak who landed in Lengpui Airport without a plan in hand.

The Tourism Department, GoM has done a commendable job in building basic infrastructure for tourists in terms of lodges all over the state. There are now tourist lodges at places you wouldn’t expect. I have been to three lodges and the stay is well worth the money.

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