The journey so far

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

The view from our room at Tourist Lodge, Thenzawl

Last year I went home in August with a plan to hit the road as soon as possible. Instead I sat at home for more than two months without traveling anywhere. The reasons- family pressure and their concern of the incessant rain. I finally hit the road in late November only.

I started with Kolasib meeting relatives and friends, returning to Aizawl after a two night stay. Then I followed my cousin to Saiha who was returning home. From Saiha I visited Tuipang L with my cousin on a motorbike. We returned via Serkawr. From Saiha I made a slow return towards Aizawl spending a night at Lawngtlai and a few nights at Lunglei.

Before Christmas I went on a road trip to Thenzawl with a friend. At Thenzawl we visted the famous Vantawng falls, the highest in the state as well as Tuirihiau upstream of Vantawng. We made pit stops at Sialsuk hills and Hmuifang resort on return.

Right after Christmas, with two friends I was on another road trip to Lunglei. Our time at Lunglei was spent mostly on meeting people. We visited Kawmzawl and Theiriat tlang which I had not been to in my previous trip.

Tlawng bridge on World Bank road to Lunglei

Tlawng bridge on World Bank road to Lunglei

I spent two weeks writing blogging in January after which I set out which lasted a month.

I started with a 5 days stay at Thenzawl, a day at Lunglei and Darzo and then camped at Sangau for 5 days. From Sangau I trekked to Phawngpui and Chhimtuipui river via Pangkhua. I trekked for the second time to Phawngpui all the way to the peak and down to Vawmbuk village.

Phawngpui, Blue Mountain

Phawngpui as seen from midway between Bualpui (NG) and Siachangkawn.

Then I camped at Saiha for quite sometime. From Saiha I went on a quick weekend trip to Bualpui (NG). The rest of the time in Saiha was spent mostly waiting for a vehicle to Phura. Finally I got on a sumo to Phura where I spent a day. Then I headed to Palak, stayed for a night and then trekked to Lomasu via Tongkolong and Bymara. Lomasu(Longmasu) is the last village in Mizoram along the Chhimtuipui river.

Kids on the street, Bymari

Kids on the street, Bymari

From Lomasu I hired a motor boat to Saphaw and back to Tuidang. I rode a sand lorry to Bungtlang S from Tuidang and a sumo ride to Lawngtlai the next day.

During my trip, I zigzagged between Lairam and Maraland a few times, crossed the Chhimtuipui river at several places and stayed at the houses of strangers.

The next plan is to return to Saiha and cover the rest of Maraland. I think in a week or two I can cover the rest of Maraland. By the time this is published I might already be at some village close to Burma border in Saiha district.

A lot has happened lately. I am not sure about the next plan anymore.

10 thoughts on “The journey so far

  1. Champhai lamah zin rawh, tlawh tur a tam. Rihdil, lianchhiari lunglen tlang, thasiama se no neihna, fiara tui, mualzavata chemtahna, lalruanga lung, hringlang tlang, chhura farep.

      • i already do that, walking around my neighborhood and exploring, quite a lot. a habit i picked up in tokyo which i came to know quite well by walking 4-5 hours every weekend for 3 of the 4 years we were there. that’s why my dream is to follow your footsteps in mizoram 🙂 great blog. keep on walkin’

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