What not to do at Phawngpui National Park

Let us not burn it down. Phawngpui is under threat from forest fire every year. Here is a photo of Farpak after it caught fire a few years ago.


We may rappel down or jumar up Thlazuang kham but lets not pain our club names all over Farpak. In my honest humble opinion we do no good by having our club names on the trees, on the grass.



farpak, phawngpui

Let us not litter the park with plastics and non-biodegradable waste.




Maybe we come here in a group but let us remember it is not a picnic ground.

Let us not steal from the park- natural or man made resources. My guide told me Farpak was fenced all round on the cliff side but there’s very few remains of the steel pipe railing.


Lets not decorate our vehicles with rhododendron flowers.

farpak, phawngpui

Lets not leave our mess as it is.


I am a firm believer in Christ but hanging posters with the words of God at a national park is something I find unnecessary.

phawngpui, farpak

2 thoughts on “What not to do at Phawngpui National Park

  1. Hi. I am planning to travel to Mizoram. Could you pls share your email id to seek some suggestion about the region. Thanks.

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