Photos of church bells across Mizoram

We are a Christian dominated state in North East India. Most of us are Christians but heavily fragmented by denominations. Which means in any given locality or village there are of multiple churches. It’s interesting to see the varied kinds of church bells used as I traveled through rural Mizoram, from truck wheel rim to gas cylinder and other motor parts.

Lets see

UPCI, Tuipang L, church bell

UPCI, Tuipang L

St. Mary Church, Bualpui (NG), Church Bell

St. Mary Church, Bualpui (NG)

UPCI, Sangau, Church Bell, Mizoram

UPCI, Sangau

BCM, Peniel, Sangau, Church Bell

BCM, Peniel, Sangau

And one church that cares enough to have a proper bell.

IKK, Bualpui (NG), Church Bell

IKK, Bualpui (NG)

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