Tongkolong, Tokalo

Tongkolong, famous for its unique name and remoteness is a village beyond Palak Dil in Saiha district of South Mizoram. A government posting to Tongkolong meant punishment. Thought it is connected by road, the only way to reach the village in monsoon is to walk. The is no mobile phone signal and no electricity.

From Palak lake I trekked for 2 and half hours to reach Tongkolong. As I walk into the middle of the village, I ran into Pu Jimmy, Forest Range Officer (FRO) who made me an offer I could not refuse- a cup of tea and drinking water.






Tokalo, it’s rightful name in Mara.




With Pu Jimmy

The road to Tongkolong at it’s widest and most level stretch

6 thoughts on “Tongkolong, Tokalo

  1. Tongkolong khua hi a hming chu a lar viau a i zar ah a tak a awmdan tur kan hrethiam ve thei dawn ta e. Thlalak pakhat ah hian electric ban ding khi a lang a,a khua ah hian electric power supply an dawng em?

  2. these pictures remind me of my childhood and left a big scar in my heart with many questions why am i here scaling many rude and uncivilized vellages to evangelize them in uttarpradesh.

  3. Loved your blog trekker boy. Reminds me too of my childhood when we travelled through some very remote places in South Mizoram in the 70s (where my dad was posted). There was a little village (I can’t remember the name) where our Jeep was the first vehicle that the children there had ever seen. We’d gone there to try out the newly made ‘jeepable road’! The high point of our visit was when practically the whole village took a ride (in turns of course) in our Jeep around their little village. I live high up in the Himalayas and do a bit of rambling myself. The only big trek I’ve done was a five-day trek many many years ago in the shadow of the Kanchenjunga. Would really love to explore interior Mizoram. Meanwhile, keep on travelling to interesting places, keep on taking interesting pictures and keep on maintaining your excellent blog!

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