As I walked into the village, most eyes were on me.


I could see men on rooftop seized their work to look at me.


The streets were mostly empty.



Kids came running but stopped at a distance, afraid to approach me.


Perhaps the only church in the village.

bymari, church

I knocked on this house for water. I got more than I asked- a cup of tea.


The sun is the primary source energy at Phura and villages beyond.

solar cell, bymari

Nice courtyard but very dirty.


The lonely road to Bymari.


On the way to Bymari from Tongkolong, I met a man with a head load of bamboos, a group of villagers on foot traveling to Tongkolong and patches of slashed forest for cultivation. Not a single automobile.

the road to bymari

the road to bymari

the road to bymari

the road to bymari

It was just me and nature for the most part.

8 thoughts on “Bymari

  1. Ka la kal ngai loh na khua mah nise i thlalak vel atang hian a khawchhung boruak awm dan tur vel hi ka mitthla thiam ve deuh.Thingtlang mi tih tak ah chhun lam boruak a mikhual lo lut mak an tih dan tur vel te pawh ka hriatthiam pui. A boruak ah suangtuahna in min chen tir veng veng mai alawm le.

    • I saungtuah phak bak a niang, Tongkolong leh a piah lam chu, Tun hma kum 20+ kalta a khawtlang lama kan awmdan ang vel khan an la awmin ka hria. No power, No Cable, No vehicle. Pawisa pawn hlutna a nei vak loh hmel ka ti. Lei tur a awm chuang lo.

  2. these pictures remind me of my childhood and left a big scar in my heart with many questions why am i here scaling many rude and uncivilized villages to evangelise them in uttarpradesh.

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