Way back into trek. Uttari Betta located.


Where is it?  Except for a few photographs, you can’t find the location in Google. If you search “uttari betta” in Google Maps, it takes you to BMC office. I am not a search expert but I  am not impressed.

I learned from Neeraj, BMC founder, that it is near Magadi. I  opened Google Maps and switched to terrain mode. I could immediately see a few  elevated  areas near Magadi. There’s one called Huthridurga  that has nearby area rising upto 1100m. There’s a temple on the top called Shankreshwara Temple. Huthirdurga . This is what BMC calls Uttari Betta.

It is known by different names. Hutridurga, Hutri Betta and Huthridurga . As a non-local, I can’t tell whats right (most).

I trekked here today with BMC. It took 1.5 hours to climb and an hour to come down. It took us 2 hours drive from Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station to reach the village at the base.


BMC Fees – 950
Uber fare to Garuda Mall – 317
Red Bull and water bottle – 120
Metro from MG road to Baiyapanahalli -17
Ola fare back home – 260
Total = 1665 Rupees

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