Tuirial Airfield, Mizoram

Tuirial Airfield

The motorcycle is 6 months old with just 502 KM on the odometer and there are plenty of roads to ride. In the next three days, it will clock another 500. It was going to be my first long ride on a bullet. The plan- Start from Durtlang, quick detour to Tuirial Airfield, proceed to Seling, turn left at Seling into Tipaimukh road, checkout Chalfilh if possible and turn right to Suangpuilawn at East Phaileng.

Summer of 2014, I was in between jobs and got a month break at home. We were mulling several plans, none materialized. So I borrowed my wife’s brother’s bullet for solo road trip.

As planned my first halt was at the airfield which was decommissioned since the opening of bigger Lengpui Airport in 1998. Since then it has been mainly used for racing and other outdoor recreation. It was the first aerodrome in Mizoram. With short runway, only small planes could land. There used to be a Vayudoot Dornier 228 flight between Tuirial and Kolkata. The tarmac had aged and the ride not smooth. Behind BSF trucks, I saw the old air traffic control tower.

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