Chalfilh Vanzau

After passing Khanpui I saw a dirt road going up the hill. I decided to follow my heart, which is where the road goes. It happened to be what they call an agricultural link road which is constructed by the government to facilitate transportation of agricultural goods. The road stopped at a wide opening at the top of the hill. Along came several horses ( or ponies) ferrying ginger in gunny bags locally called “buara bag”.

I inquired with locals and learned the road to Chalfilh Vanzau deviated from Khanpui which I had passed. I rode back to take the deviation to Chalfilh. Good decision.

Chalfilh Vanzau is a meadow at the top of the Chalfilh hill. There was no one but just me and the empty tourist lodge building. It has not been opened due unavailability of water, I heard. The way I see it, even if it opens to travelers it would be years before full occupancy.

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