Mumbai (2009)

My first and  only trip to Mumbai in 2009. The trip was not for pleasure but to aid my Uncle, he was wife was undergoing surgery at Tata Cancer Hospital. For two weeks life revolved around Mizoram house and the hospital.  I served as a dutiful tiffin career for my Uncle and other Mizo patients for two weeks.

On weekends though, I got a little break to  hangout with Kima and his pals. One Friday night, they took me to Colaba to their fav Gokuls bar. They took me to the heritage wing of Taj hotel and Leopold Cafe, both were attacked by terrorists in India’s 26/11.  With my first camera, Canon A4950, using Kima’s soldier as a tripod, I took some long shutter nights shots – Taj, Leopold and Gateway of India. I thought they were very good at that time. Given the basic camera with improvised tripod.

I did miss the famous Mumbai vada pav but rode the Mumbai local train a few times. I was totally amazed at how a couple dozen could jump in and out in sync. It was also very pleasant not having to negotiate with cabbies.

Given a chance, I would like love to visit Mumbai again.

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