Bangalore by bus

Most people don’t explore their own town. I am not most people. I chose to continue that by exploring Bangalore on a bus. With a day pass  that cost a mere 70 rupees, I rode BMTC buses one  whole day. The benefit and ease with day pass is not having to worry about change (conductor hardly returns change at once)  and not having to know the stop (to tell the conductor for fare). Just get on and get off wherever you want.

The routes I traveled by  bus

  1. Kannamangala to  Kadugodi. Rs. 14 for bus fare, after this I used day pass. (Blue Bus)
  2. Kadugoi to MG Road (SBS-1K)
  3. Brigade road to Wipro Gate, Electronic City (G3)
  4. Wipro Gate to Silk Board (356 CW, Silk Board via Flyover)
  5. Silb Board to Banashankari (200 series Volvo)
  6. Banashankari to Hebbala via Silk Board, Marathalli  Ring Road (500 Series Volvo)
  7.  Hebbala to Majestic (Blue Bus)
  8. Majestic to Brigade Road (335 E Volvo)
  9. Bayapanahalli Metro Station to KR Puram (304, White and Blue)
  10. KR Puram to Hope Farm (304, White and Blue)
  11. Hope Farm to Kannamangala (Blue Bus)

What did I learn?

Multiplexes  have not put Rex out of business. There’s a sky walk near Forum Mall, Koramangala and at other places on Ring Road. I was totally unaware there’s a railway track under Hebbal fly over. There’s too many Volvos plying 335 E route, Majestic to ITPL. Freedom park is not just a part, it was Bangalore Central Jail. There is not just one but several marriage halls in Palace Ground.Totally enjoyed Shivaji Nagar in the evening.

I tried to get a day pass at Kadugodi Bus Station but the staff in the office told me I could get it from the conductor. Since the only IDs with me were photocopy, I went back to the office to get a BMTC ID.  I had no desire to run into trouble with a picky conductor.


I looked for a Big 10 bus on G1 route and didn’t find any. But there were many going  the same way to MG Road. I boarded  a yellow Big 10 bearing the route SBS-1K that was going to Shivaji Nagar. I thought it would swing by Brigade Road signal on MG Road but it turned right into Dickenson Road. I got down at the very next signal and walked towards Brigade Road.

As I walked, I thought only a fence like this will keep the two wheeler riders of Bangalore off the footpath.


Mayo Hall (City Civil Courts) currently spotting red. I thought it was white. I can’t keep track of it’s color.


It was nearing 11 AM. I started looking for a place to have breakfast. I found a South Indian stall at Rex Theater. I could see Rex is still in business.


My first and only movie here was in 2003. I was visiting Bangalore and  a friend with his friend took me for Sanghai Night. 40 bucks for front row seat. I thought it was pretty darn expensive. I  was visiting from Trichy where it cost just 5 bucks for front row at Sippy.


After breakfast, I took G3 to Wipro Gate, Electronic City. As my wife warned me (to carry a pen), the conductor this time asked me to sign on my day pass.  . As it was a Saturday and  just around noon, there was hardly any people.


Bus routes from Wipro Gate, Electronic City


I took 365 CW to Silk Board that goes on the elevated toll way. Even with day pass, I had to pay 5 bucks. The full fare is Rs. 25.


I got down under the flyover at Silk Board. The piers were painted by a group called Spot Fix, that has been doing similar work to many flyovers in the city.


This is kind of behavior we don’t want in Bangalore but have abundant of. People who has no self discipline to follow basic traffic rules.


This is the bus stop at 13th Main, BTM.


But everybody is waiting here.


I boarded 200 series Volvo from Silk Board to Banashankari Bus Station. I had lunch here.


The longest ride was from Banashankari to Hebbal via Silk Board, Marathalli Ring Road.All these years, I didn’t know there is a railroad underneath Hebbal flyover.


From Hebbal, it was a blue bus to Majestic. It went through Mekhri Circle, Golf Course, Race course Road and of course Bangalore Turf Club. It was a reminder how unfamiliar I am  with a large part of Bangalore CBD.

I think this is the upcoming metro station at Majestic.


Many red buses and 1 Volvo. Where are the Rajahamsas? I guess they will show up at night.


Majestic- How can a bus ride around Bangalore be completed without a visit to the mother ship!


Prostitution still openly goes on. See the women in blue and red. For this reason, people seem to avoid this path.


Though there were several buses going towards Hennur, I couldnt find one  which said “Shivaji Nagar”. So I boarded boarded 335 E and alighted at Brigade Road and walked to Commercial Street.

I still don’t understand how come vehicles are allowed inside  Commercial Street and Shivaji Nagar.


St Mary’s Basilica shinning bright.


How come this plot of land lies empty in a congested Shivaji Nagar?


Russell Market- I had probably  been there but couldn’t say for sure where is it. It was a pleasant surprise to re-discover it.


My purpose here was to buy beef. I quickly walked passed the fruit vendors.


The street next to the beef bazaar felt like Mosque Road during Ramadan.


As it was getting late, I decided to take an Auto Rickshaw to MG Road Metro Station.


The traffic on MG Road through the unclear glass wall of Metro Station sky walk.


This is the BMTC ID for which I paid Rs. 100.  According to BMTC website and a sign I saw at Banashankari Bus Station, you can get a day pass ID for Rs.25.  The one I got is valid till 2019, or so it says on the ID.


This is a Gold Day Pass. You can ride any bus including AC Buses except Airport  and Bangalore Rounds (not sure about this) buses. The month and day is punched. The conductor asked me to sign and write my ID number at the top.


The back side of the Gold Pass.


This is a normal Day Pass. You cannot ride AC , Airport and Bangalore Rounds buses.


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